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Brian Running <brunning@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Nope, I said it right.

No, you didn't.

Hopefully though, stage volume will be managed well enough that everyone hears everyone else without it.

This is the strongest evidence yet that you have never performed on
stage with an actual band.

Remember, when cabinets are placed on each side of the stage, if
there is an issue, at low frequencies the issue will be phase, at
higher frequencies the issue will be delay.

You're contradicting yourself. One post ago you said that phase
cancellations and reinforcements are an issue with higher frequencies,
but not low frequencies. If you're going to make things up (yet
again), at least keep your story straight.

Players that have actually performed live all know that there are
phase cancellations and reinforcements with only one cabinet. These
are caused by boundary reflections. With only one cab, you can walk
around the room and hear for yourself that there are spots where your
bass will be boomy and loud, and other spots where the low end drops
out and it's weak and thin. With only one cabinet. That's because of
reflections in the room. With only one cabinet, Mike. Even Todd will
agree with that, he's an actual player that has actual experience
playing actual gigs.

I would agree--_in the room_, those peaks and valleys do occur even
with a single stack. But the more I play sadly the less I care about
the room because the people attending practically can't tell when bass
is playing and when it's not. Seriously, I head out and chat up folks
with the wireless on, the number who don't think I'm actually playing
despite 540W suggesting otherwise is rather odd. I wish it could be
explaiend with them sitting in a null. :-)

Having more cabinets emanating bass guitar _on stage_ in my experience
leads me to not be able to hear myself clearly or hearing nothing but
me, depending where I am on the stage. A could steps to and fro have
made a big difference. Then again, there are other differences with
festival sound that contribute to this issue as well. '

I find the latter the greater of two evils.

I'm not here to condemn any one method over another without actually
trying it out with how they run their PA, but it's not something I'm
rushing to do in my own band.

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