Re: [OT] Sound Installation Advice

"Brian Running" <brunning@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I've been consulted regarding the installed sound system to be going
into a new jazz and blues club being opened by a friend and client of
mine. I've got some opinions about how sound should be done, and I'm
about to make a proposal, but I'd like to glean the collective wisdom
of y'all, if I could.

The general principle I will follow is even distribution of sound
throughout the interior by many stereo pairs of speakers. The idea
being that the speakers will not have to be loud, because they will
not have to cover a very large volume, and that no matter where a
patron may be located, he or she will always be between a stereo pair
of speakers. Along with this will be a very dead acoustic environment,
as dead as possible, so that patrons will only hear their local stereo
pair, and that overall sound levels from conversation will be kept at
a minimum and not fight with the music.

The music will be jazz and blues, not extremely loud. There will be
live performers there, small combos, and they will be able to send a
mono mix to this system so that the band doesn't have to be blasting
to be heard throughout the building. It's a small building, in any
event. Long and narrow.

I want to use home audio speakers for their sound quality, not PA/SR
speakers. By using many pairs, I think the efficiency of the speakers
becomes less of a consideration.

I will have a separate channel of amplification for each speaker.
Speakers under consideration are Paradigm Mini-Monitors.

Please give me your comments, criticisms, real-life experiences,
advice, etc. etc. Thanks!

Sounds like a great way to lose a friend, if you ask me. Might be
worthwhile for your friend to see if one or more audio places give free
estimates or even for-pay estimates - take their proposals and then
decide if it's something you really want to "roll your own" for. I'd
want to pay someone to put the whole system in place and agree to
service whatever went wrong with it for a period of time for one fixed
price. Maybe the fact that they figure out a way to do it with, e.g.,
16 speakers instead of the 24 you were going to use pays for their
services and ends up saving your friend money overall, even after you
pay them to install it?

Hey, you asked for comments, right? :)