Re: Bowing an upright - French or German

Benj wrote:
Steve Freides wrote:

Take three deep breaths, Benj. The world is full of wonders and
horrors, all on a much greater scale than anything we're discussing
here. I'm sure it'll all work out OK.

Wonders and horrors! Oh my!

Of course that's what everyone said in Germany in 1938 and I guess
things did work out OK...

OK, NOW this thread is officially over! :-)

No, wait...we haven't even touched on the merits of baroque bows in modern music. Derek mentioned gut strings but I think maybe possibly he was only kidding. I wish people would take this stuff more seriously. You start conveniently ignoring it and next thing you know all yer Slav, Gypsy and Jewish neighbors start quietly disappearing. And yes, I *AM* saying that like it's a bad thing.

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