Re: What am I missing?

Derek Tearne wrote:

So, you're not missing anything. They really are making good stuff,
often with a limited component life span, in China. And by the time it
wears out and you buy your next one it will be even cheaper.

My Spector Euro cost about $1,500. I simply love the feel of that bass. It's a joy to play. When I was shopping I played instruments more expensive and less expensive (I wasn't looking at price tags). This one spoke to me. I'm sure there's a bass like that out there for everyone. It may cost more or substantially less. It is what it is.

I also have an Epiphone Thunderdird (about $300 new) and an MTD Kingston Fretless ($150 used). Both are perfectly serviceable instruments. If I didn't have the money for the Spector, I'd play either of them as my regular bass.

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