Re: Woo Hoo: first solo gig, but on Guitar...

On Sep 4, 3:48 am, Oz Bass <aussieb...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Did my first purely solo gig on Friday, on acoustic guitar. A promoter I
know had a support act pull out that morning and was desperate. He
knew I played acoustic and sang, so he rang me and asked if I was
available and interested.

I was going to say no, but I have been thinking about (and putting
off) getting a solo acoustic set together, plus I had an off night, so I
went ahead and took the plunge.

So it was only a single set of a half hour but, after 30 years playing in
bands and duos, it's still pretty high pressure the first time standing in
front of a roomful of people with no other musicians onstage to take the
heat off.

The only negative was that, because I've never done a "real" solo gig on
acoustic, any delicate bits (finger-picking and slide) went out the
window and I just strummed and sang (okay; bashed the crap out of the
guitar and bellowed down the mic). I relaxed a bit towards the end of the
set and did some finger-picking on Blind Blake's "Diddy Wah Diddy" and Gary
Davis' "Cocaine Blues" at the end.

The bottom line is I got a good reaction, had some girls up dancing, and
I've been asked to do more gigs (for real money).

The pluses: no dealing with other musicians - instead of having to pull
teeth to find out elementary shit like what time we start/finish, load in
times, etc., I had it all in that one phone call. I like it when the
business stuff is purely my responsibility 'coz then I know it'll get
done (yeah, yeah - I'm a control freak). I also knew everyone would turn
up on time and not get shit-faced during the gig.

I only had to take an acoustic guitar (I brought my Dobro as well but
didn't end up playing any slide this time). The gig was a mile from home -
I could literally have walked there with all my stuff.

PA was provided and the sound-check was just get the levels, and was
done in less than 2 minutes.

Also a big plus is knowing that all the positive feedback I got was my own
work - I'll be the first to admit it's great to get an ego-stroke like that.

Minuses: none, really, except for the "first solo gig" nerves, and I got
through that so next time I'll relax and have fun.

Pay was only 50 bucks, but for a last-minute, half hour walk-in gig less
than 3 minutes from home on a night I didn't have anything booked, I was
happy enough.


That's good for you, to push your personal envelope. Now that you see
the force is strong in you, you will be tempted by promises of glory
and financial rewards. But be wary of the dark side. ( playing with
tracks )