Re: Yeh, I'm obnoxious - Free Music Rant

"coreybenson" <coreybenson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I just wanted to let you know that I have a similar setup. I own a little
shop where people come to listen to music. I'm looking for people to come
and serve coffee. I can't pay you, but I'll let you listen to the music
free. I'll promote your coffee serving skills on my website and serve as
reference for when you want to get a paying job serving coffee. Thanks!

LOL - Mind if I steal that?

Not at all. I don't know why it irks me so much since there is no shortage
of people willing to take a gig like that. I think in a small coffee shop
I'd be happy if they said they would put out a tip jar and match whatever
tips you got. At least that's something.