Re: Old Shure Power Amp Question


Hey Rob,

How goes it? Sounds like the Pypes thing didn't work out very well,

Anyways, it looks mono (1 XLR) and it's too much money! What are you
looking for? I have some old sound stuff.


On Aug 28, 8:33 pm, "Kloka-mo'" <RobZon5...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
A "friend" is trying to sell me a Shure SR105 power amp for $120.

It's OLD, (1979) 200w @ 4ohms, and I downloaded the operator manual here:

I don't see ANYTHING indicating it is a Stereo amp, do you?

I require stereo (won't be for bass) so that would be the final deal

So, is it stereo, and I'm just not familiar with old school manuals and

It's the 105A, not the 105B.

In the Line Level Inputs section, it has a cannon plug input for "Unbalanced
Bridging", next to two 1/4 plugs labeled "unbalanced paralleled high

On the right rear, it has "Direct Outputs", 200w @ 4ohms, and four 1/4


-rob Bartlett, TN