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I also noted that the split P pickup
is wired with both halves in the same polarity. I should get an
improvement if I reverse one, right?
I think this is true, The split P pickup should be wired with the halves reversed to each other....
If the pickups are designed to be used in a humbucking arrangement, one should be reverse wound with respect to the other (electrically in- phase, magnetically out-of-phase). In the case of the split P-Bass pickup, since they are each picking up different strings, I suppose that one would get a humbucking arrangement by wiring them out-of-phase even of they were both wound in the same direction.
PBass pickups are humbucking. They are reverse-wound, reverse-magnet-polarity with respect to each other.

I know real P-Basses are humbucking, but what about P-Bass copies? I would assume that many of them would not be reverse wound.
It would never have occurred to me that anybody would possibly
build PBass type pickups that were not humbucking.

Someone building cheapo P-Bass knock-offs could just use identical pickups for both, saving the time and effort of making two different pickups, thus saving a few bucks per bass.

It's probably more like a few cents - an additional bin and setup times
for winding are all it'd cost. Simply flipping the bobbin on the winding
machine should produce reverse windings, if I did my experiment right. And since pickup makers *surely* make 6-string guitar pickups, they'd
know about humbucking.

Still, that might be enough cost shavings in the fourth world. *sigh*.

Bartolini and Duncan aftermarket passive PBass pickups are
both humbucking. I would dump the non-bucker pickups in the
trash and replace them.

Les Cargill