Re: Will you buy Behringer equipment again after reading this?

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Dear Lord, -- The numbers at the beginning of a tube designation are the
filament voltage. The 12 in 12AX7 denotes a 12 volt filament system. It
being a dual triode it uses a center tapped filament such that the center
tap is run at ground and you provide 6 volts to each end of the filament
setup. The 7 indicates 7 active elements (It's a 9 pin miniature tube)
and the AX describe it's exact type/function and gain structure.

Dear Lord, first off, I don't believe for a moment the guy actually
measured anything. Do the Google search yourself. He's posted about 10
messages over the last couple of years. Every single one of them was
defending/promoting Behringer, including a post in German. That sounds
like a shill to me.

As for the voltage, everybody is yacking about starved plates and running
at a lower voltage to preserve tube life, so how do you *know* what
Behringer intended?

Well, I've re-read the post several times, and I can't find whereI said
anything about "knowing what Behringer intended." In fact, it's damned hard
to KNOW what anyone intended. It also doesn't appear to have anything to do
with the post. Oh yes, I can't imagine why I'd want to google the background
on someone who was simply posting common knowledge.