Re: Will you buy Behringer equipment again after reading this?

js <NOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Y'know, I was going to mention that and the difference between "starved
tube" and the Retrospec,, but I thought 1200 responses was enough already. :

Thing is, whenever I've seen 'starved tube" units before, there's always
SOME glow to the tube. And since I've taken a few apart, I know for a fact
it's not an LED doing the glowing, at least in those units.

There has been at least one dbx preamp with the LED, Hammond Xk-3 does

It really isn't an uncommon thing - a starved plate design often has
such a low plate voltage that the plate doesn't emit any "glow" -
it's still amplifying (really badly, but that is the effect you get with
a starved plate design), but it just isn't hot enough to glow.

I'm really curious to know if that tube is hooked up to anything at all. If
it is, then the presentation is just cheesy. If not, than that is REALLY
deceptive marketing.

I'm sure it's the standard single 12ax7/12au7 with 20V or so plate
voltage circuit. Signal is going through it.