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I didn't have a paper route, but my next door neighbor did and I used
to go with him and help him collect on Saturday afternoons. He had a
Ducati 250cc single cylinder motorbike, We got our first TV in 1953, we
always had a car, but my mom didn't learn how to drive until she was 35.
My favorite radio show was the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans show, about all
I remember about it now is the theme song, "Happy Trails". Early TV
shows: "Howdy Doody", "Ramar of the Jungle", "The Andy Devine Show", the
"Roy Rogers/Gene Autry Theater" every Saturday afternoon, "Amos and
Andy", "Burns and Allen", "Car 54", "Highway Patrol", "The Whirly
Birds", "Sea Hunt" and of course, Uncle Milty.

I bought a Ducati 250cc in 1965, loved it.

The Ducati wasn't as popular as the Triumph Tiger Cub, but it was a nice
looking bike, my neighbor rode his to Waynesville NC, and back a couple of
times, that was a 700 mile round trip.

Are you guys talking about the model that had the spiral shaft cam drive and
the desmodromic valves? (The Ducati, I mean) Did you know that the first
tube frame Honda (CL-72) was based on the Triumph Tiger Cub, the TT20?.