Re: Guitar Center bought for $1.9B

1) Seeing as your average GC put 1 or more local mom and pop stores out of
business when they entered the market, I'd say yes. Now instead of a few
small, knowledgeable stores to chose from, or one large half-assed store,
you'll have NO stores.

Yes I know, the internet, blah blah. The internet's not going to help you on
the way to a gig when you realize you left your bag of cables at home and
don't have time to go back...

2) Come to my GC. There's at least one or two guys that are holdovers from
the days when they WANTED knowledgeable pros. I usually seek them out first,
even if they're working in another department.

The difference in knowledge between them and the 20 something droids is
like the Grand Canyon. Not surprisingly, these guys are either management,
or get top commission/base structure. That won't last...

3) Well, GC has been doing nothing but opening new stores and putting little
guys out of business, so watching them close with nothing to fill the void
is a change of sorts.

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My guess is that the first thing they will do is close a bunch of
trim the workforce significantly, and replace the last guy with a clue
each store with know-nothing, minimum wage hires.

1) Are fewer GCs are *bad* thing?

2) Please point me to a GC that has a guy with a clue. I'd like to see it
for myself.

3) So, they are not planning on changing much?