More cable talk

All the cable capacitance talk has reminded me that I have in my
possession what is apparently a fabulous guitar cable for those that
can appreciate it's quality. Sadly, not me.

Coax, solid core, stranded shield one way guitar cable. That's right,
one way. The cable is only to be plugged in one way... ever.
Apparently we achieve tone nirvana when the electrons only flow in one
direction ...

This was given to me to audition with the dire warning to never plug
it in backwards. It seems Elvis would leave the building, and take all
his tone angels with him if the cable was misused.

I would think I was subject of an April fool's joke, if I didn't know
the individual better, and also because I was quoted a totally Bosed
Monster cable price for this piece of wire. Apparently many
testimonials, especially bassists... Was it WC Fields that said it ?
A sucker born every minute ...

Anyone ever heard of this form of audio snake oil? Can't recall any
brand name attached to it...