Re: Thinking of selling Precision bass

Don't doubt that you will get what it is worth ;-)

If it were me, I'd re-do it natural, then decide if I wanted to sell it.
Hopefully, I would keep an ash P around, because I've owned a Warwick, and a
P is still good to have around.

Third answer: A lot of us regret getting rid of our first (usually cheap)
bass. If your first bass is an ash 75 P... well, if you don't kick
yourself later, I'm sure one of us will be happy to drive to your location
and assist.

-rob Bartlett, TN
"PatK" <pkincaid@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi all,

I've been thinking of selling my 1975 Fender Precision bass. The only
thing I'm wondering about is that I've refinished it a couple of times. It
was originally that natural finish and the body is ash. Would it be better
to refinish it back natural or keep it as is? The finish I have on it now
is kind of different. I did a stipple effect on it and it's really dark
green. I want to get what this is worth and I would hate for the finish to
really knock the price down. Anybody else had experience with this? This
is my first bass and it just sits in the case since I got my Warwick