Re: Strange audition?

"Les Cargill" <lcargill@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

There are differences between the food bidness and the music bidness.

And there are plenty of similarities as well/

Right. And "how obscure" is a judgement call.

A strike in baseball is a judgment call, but in reality 98% of the calls
really don't require much judgment. I don't think it's all that hard to
determine obscure. If the track never made into to the top 100 ever, then it
was probably only heard by people who bought the album. To me that means
it's obscure. If it was a top 40 hit, it probably is not obscure. Hell, just
picking songs that hit the top 40 in some genre at some point in the last 20
years (or longer) will give you hundreds of songs from which to choose and
never have to even consider making judgment calls about obscure.

In your typical bar/club with pop/rock music, people want to have fun
more than they want to be impressed by the musical talents of the band.
They don't get sick of songs.

I respectfully disagree. They do. I've had people ask about it, or
I'd think like you do.

Ask about what? Your band playing new songs or your band playing the same
songs as other bands? If your band plays so often at the same place that
people are complaining about your set list being too predictable, you need
to expand your set list and/or play there less often.

It is hard to generalize. It'll depend on the market, what the band's
marketing plan looks like, what the band can pull off... I'm just
saying it might be worth while to experiment on a couple songs a night.
If they don't sell, drop 'em.

Well, yeh, drop 'em if they don't work regardless of how you *think* they
might work. What we're talking about here is trying to figure out which
songs will work *before* you invest the time to learn and perform them.