Re: Playing scales/patterns on 1 string

On May 9, 5:10 pm, bassman2 <vince_angelon...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
hello everyone,

it is interesting to note that whilst this way of practicing is not
ergonomically economic - meaning that there is a fair way to jump
compared to playing across strings - it does offer many other
advantages, including:

1. transposition of patterns becomes easier
2. fingerboard learning is helped
3. use of open strings (as applicable)

Any others, does anybody else actually ever practice/play this way?

Regards to all

I'm in the process of trying to go the opposite way. I'm addicted to
(or limited to, more accurately) doing most of my playing on one or
two strings. So I spend a lot of time running from open up to the 9th/
10th fret. It feels amateurish, so I'm trying to develop my "scale"
skills vertically instead of horizontally.


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