New fretless, need to set it up

Hey gang-

I just started playing bass with this local band, after a lot of years
playing guitar here and there.

So I go and get me this Warwick fretless Corvette bass from Guitar
Center; it'd been there for a long time and I got it for 50% off of
retail so I overcame some of the feeling dirty for even being in GC in
the first place... It replaces this old Peavey Foundation bass that was
in a flood years ago which still sounds nice but looks like hell. And I
wanted a fretless bass anyway, so...

So I love the sound of this Warwick, especially low on the neck. Up to
about the fifth fret or so it sounds awesome. Mid-neck, however, I've
got a phenomenon going on that sounds like fret buzz, especially on the
G string between fret positions 7 and 12, but, well it ain't frets
'cause there ain't any.

I like to do my own setup, although frankly I don't know a lot about
what I'm doing. I do setup on all of my guitars except for the
acoustic, and I'm pretty picky about things feeling and sounding right
to my ear, so I'd like to keep it that way.

Sad thing is, I'm not really sure what to do about the neck relief, like
how to know if it's enough or too much or not enough. I suspect that I
could solve the buzzing by raising the strings or by adding relief to
the neck, but now I'm curious, what's the right process to go through

Just today I read Gary's Willis's seemingly-excellent words on setup at, but his
thoughts on string height seem different from what else I've heard
although he gives some good insight that I'd never considered about
actually playing the strings. I tend to pluck the strings pretty hard,
and my hands are pretty strong since I've been playing heavy-gauge
guitar strings for many years, so a high string seems to be the way to
go, but really honestly I'm not sure what The Word about this stuff is.
If anyone could give any setup insight, I'd be most happy.