Re: OT: Speaking of insurance...

On Mar 23, 11:56 am, "BW" <barrybass...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I insure with "Music Pro"- for professional musicians, and some things
about the policy are very good, like a $100. deductible per incident,
not per item. Replacement cost. 1-800-605-3187. This being said, I
have to add that I've never had a claim, so they've never been
"tested". Ask a lot of questions. Get things in writing.

I just went to and was about to fill in the "Get
a quote" form online. But it kind of gives me the creeps. It asks
for my name, address, if I have an alarm, what kind of locks are on my
house, where I store my instruments in the house, if my instruments
have a tracking chip in them, if I travel with my computer, etc.
Basically a laundry of list of everything a burglar would want to know
before breaking into my house!

How do I know they are legit?



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