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Hey there,

Thanks for all the info and links! : ) Is there a reason that you
recommend 2X10's over a single speaker (at least for a combo amp)?

My rig is a head plus a 2x10 and a 1x15. When I gig with just one
cab, it's the 2x10. In my case it's not really a fair fight because
my 1x15 doesn't have a horn, but generally I seem to like cabs with
more midrange bite and faster response vs the relatively lumbering 15"

Do the 2X10's have enough low end?

Depends on the 2x10, but my 2x10 cab sure as heck does (Eden D210XLT).
As far as cone area goes, you're dealing with 2x25pi=50pi on the 2x10
vs 56.25pi on the 15, so a well executed 2x10 design can certainly do
the low thang.

I've tried Behringer but don't really like the sound. Hard to
explain why, but I don't.

Okay, confession time for me, I agree with ya I'm not nuts about their
tone either, but then again only my 1x15 in my 3 piece rig costs under
$300. To meet that price point, I'd have to make some tradeoffs, and
I'd probably sacrifice tone to get the power. After all we just play
bass -- the audience won't really hear the difference of tone that we
do, but they'll surely know if they can't hear us at all over the

When I was starting out, I had a 300 watt 1-15 combo amp but it had
so much low end that the high end got a bit muffled. I don't want
that either.

Right--yeah, 15" combos can get boomy. My first amp was a Peavey TNT
130 around 100W and a 15" driver with no horn. It was pure mud in a
loud band. The speaker and cab weren't bad actually, but that amp was
devoid of any headroom at all. More powerful modern 1x15's with more
power and a horn, however sound a hell of a lot better to my ear

Whatever you buy, be sure to listen to it first. :-)

Happy shopping!

Best Regards,
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