Re: Pro rig? What is pro?

"JMiller" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I consider "pro equipment" enough to do gigs where the PA only carries
the vocals. It also has to be reliable and sound good. If you can
only own one amp, I would say that minimum pro for bass is at least a
300 watt amp and a speaker cabinet that moves air cleanly, like a
decent 4 x 10" or 1 x 15". Having said that, on gigs with a big PA
that you either DI or mic the bass, you can use pretty much anything.
I'll use my 25 watt Ampeg B-15N on those gigs and go over great. I've
seen guys show up with little Hartke kickback amps and go over great.
But if you have a small vocals-only PA, you need something that will
move air. That's what I consider "pro."

That's pretty much what it means to me as well. Too bad people can't just
say that.