Re: looking for Pedulla

JoeSpareBedroom wrote:

Someone at the GC store here said that they were willing to move merchandise
between stores at THEIR expense, and that customers were under no obligation
to buy the item if they didn't like it, after trying it. Not sure if that
was a trick this particular manager knew, of if it's store policy. Might be
worth asking if your store can locate a certain model and make it appear in
your nearest store.

They definitely do this for new stuff. I've had them get me things
from other stores a number of times. I'd guess they might do it for
used instruments too if you know where one might be, but I'm guessing
the stuff has to appear on the computer inventory for them to do this.
I don't know if used things are there. FWIW there was a very nice
Pedulla here in our GC recently. Used, but still going for a fortune!
I tried it. Nice. But not as nice as the G&L fretless I finally walked
out with for $900. Unfortunately for you, some daddy warbucks must
have grabbed it because it's gone now.