Re: Fender Japan - different colors/models?

"Derek Tearne" <derek@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
David Axt <daxtATpacifierDOTcom> wrote:

Why does Fender sell different models and colors to the Japanese market
to the American (European) market?

This is a bit like asking why they overdub Japanese cartoons into
English for the American and European markets.

Or, more interestingly, why is it that really funny british comedies,
with dialogue in Englsh, re-filmed for the american market using more or
less the same scripts?

Really? To be honast I wasn't aware that this happens. Can you have any
examples of flicks that have been done this way? As for why, I can only
guess that it is sometimes difficult for americans ( at least it is for me)
to follow the dialect. Benny Hill was quite a hit here but I think mainly
because much of his comedy was visual. But for me, some of the more
involved dialog was nearing a foreign language.

.... I'm sure I could find a southerner or two that could give you a relative
experiance. ;)
keith c..