Re: Anyone using Carvin PA equipment?

JoeSpareBedroom wrote:
Our band leader is shopping locally for a powered PA & speakers, talking to
all sorts of connections ("my friend's uncle's 3rd cousin from the left"),
trying to get some sort of deal. He hasn't mentioned Carvin, though. Since
I'd be a victim of poor quality like everyone else in the band, I thought
I'd ask here if any of you have any comments on Carvin, based on first hand

My band owns a Carvin system, employing an S/L40 40 channel board,
DCM1000 amps, a DCM1200 four channel amp, TRX153 3 ways and 2-18 subs.
Clean, clean, quiet and wonderful.

I am not an endorsee of Carvin products, though I wouldn't mind
becoming one. ;)