Re: Advice needed from experienced touring sidemen (bass player)

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My question, is how much can I expect to be paid? My understanding is
that experienced sidemen (I have little experience) can earn $350-500 a
week - all expenses/travel paid.

A lot of it depends on whether you're a hired gun, part of the band,
and what deals the tour promoter has organised. Sometimes the
hired guns can end up earning more than the band members! I

You'll usually be paid a 'performance fee' for the night you play. I'm
not sure what rates this will be at as they vary wildly. The thing to
remember is that the pay may look really good initially - but if you're
only playing two nights a week and one of those gets cancelled it might
not be so great.

This is why it's extremely important to check that you will a) get
accomodation organised and paid for for *every* night of the tour
b) travel expenses covered and c) a 'per diem' (daily expenses usually
covering two meals and sundry items).

--- Derek

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