Re: Need new Bass, Have about $550...Advice needed

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"None played worth crap" sounds like a set-up issue. If you buy a boutique
bass, chances are the luthier who worked on it spent some time setting it
up before it went in the box. A mass-produced bass, from Fender or any
other company, only gets a cursury set-up before getting shipped to the
dealer, and usually only gets tuned before going on the wall.

Which is sad. Do you ever notice how much free time guys in the music stores
have, especially in the smaller stores? Without even touching the truss rod
you can do several things to make thing more playable in just a few minutes.
Why don't they? Anybody know?

These days, I imagine they've hit the skill level and trust level such
that it's because they can't be trusted to not screw it up more than
it was to begin with.

I agree with you though, and I also feel that they'd do themselves a
sales favor by having teh sons a bitches in tune already especially
for the newbie buyers who don't know how to tune, or in the
environments that aren't tune by ear friendly if you know what i mean.

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