Sound proofing a room...

Not to be confused with quieting reverberations with foam squares...

I've looked at the Auralex site. Good info. Anyone have other resources?
Got my drums set up in a spare room in my house, and want to sound proof it
as much as reasonable, to appease the neighbors. My house is on a cement
slab, so I don't think I need to address the flooring. Also, I do not want
to tear apart the nice walls. I was thinking about framing up some internal
walls, isolated from the floor, and the true walls behind them with a 1"
gap, and some rubber spacers.. First thought is to build wall frames, with
dense rubber matting material on one side, and either a commercial "finish"
sound barrier on the other, or just a layer of carpet (with or without

The room only has one wall facing the outside, so I know I need to do that
wall, and probably the two side walls, and add some density over the door.
Don't care how loud it is inside the house. For the ceiling, I could
probably roll something over it in the attic... more thick dense rubber

All thoughts/concerns welcome.

~Memphis Slim Jr. Bartlett, TN
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