Re: Question on Dm7b5 chord

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In any diatonic major key, a m7b5 is the vii chord.

In minor, it's the ii chord.

This means ANY of the parent modes will work over it to produce the
notes of the scale.

In other words, play Cminor or Ebmajor or ANY of the modes of Eb major,
you're cool like Fonzie - so F dorian is just as good as anything else.

But if you want the Dm7b5 to have more of a "dominant" flavor, you can use
something like the D Locrian nat6 from the harmonic minor scale - or you
could just play C harmonic minor over the whole thing. Either way it gives
the "leading tone", B natural which is a nice lead in to the G7.

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Hello everyone,

In the key of Cmin, when this chord occurs as the II of a G7, I have
been playing a Fm7 scale, although I have read that the D locrian #2 is
the "best" choice - is there much of a difference between the two? As I
see it:

D locrian #2 - D E F G Ab Bb C
Fmin 7 - F G Ab Bb C D Eb

the 9th (E on locrian) being different to the b7 (Eb on F).

Both scales sound good to me, I think I am just playing a D locrain #2
starting on the minor 3rd


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