Re: 63 Fender Jazz

Linda wrote:
I have been offered a 63 Fender Jazz, heres the catch... The body has been
refinished to nautral (not very good) the PU are not orginal nor is the
pickguard or the pots. It was fitted with a humbucker PU at one time and
removed. no thumb rest and no ashtray just hte holes left by them. The case
is original but in very poor shape. Any value to this at all? It does have a
nice neck thats about it? Was thinking if I can buy it right it may make a
nice project guitar to restore...


As a collector bass it has very little value.
With all the mods I wonder if it is even playable..
It would cost more to restore than it's worth.
As you said it could be a good project if you plan on using it
The neck could be valuable.