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At the school I run, the policy is one month in advance, if you cancel
without notice, you are charged for the lesson.
I too suffer from people calling and asking all the same questions you get.
I also get my share of people that book and then no-show.
But, the ones that really get me are the ones that show up for the first
lesson, pay for the month in advance, and then continually cancel their
weekly lesson.
So, I'm not only holding a time slot, I also owe them lessons that were paid
for last month.

I could go on a long rant, but I'm in agood mood right now (a touch of

Jay S

"John Shaughnessy" <johngoogleplexNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Once again, Super Obvious Man, you're missing the point.
> Been doing this for over 20 years now. Tried every payment scheme you can
> imagine. It's near impossible to get ONE payment in advance, much less a
> MONTHS payment. Besides that, getting a client to COMMIT to a course of
> action is as important as anything else. It's a basic sales technique,
> which
> I'm sure you're aware of. If I just said "yeah, send me a check and
> whenever it clears, we can get started", I'd be waiting a LOOOONG time...
> Nor is it like your gig where a) You're juggling a few dozen cases at
> once,
> but billing them individually b) If someone contacts you, they generally
> have an acute NEED for your services. Sadly, I can't meet either
> condition.
> No one's ever needed bass lessons to get out of jail...
> However, that was not the point of the essay. I apparently did not make
> myself clear - IT'S NOT ABOUT THE PAYMENT. The "no-show/no-pay" thing is a
> SYMPTOM of a disease.
> And that disease would be LACK OF COMMITMENT. If you are not 1000%
> committed to taking your playing to the next level; if you think some
> quick
> tip or trick is all you need to be a superstar, you're wasting your time
> and
> you're ESPECIALLY wasting my time. Either wait until you can swing it, or
> stop dreaming and buy yourself a Mel Bay book. Simple.
> As for the guys who DO make the commitment - I've NEVER had a problem with
> them in payment, attendance, practicing, or general motivation. EVER. I've
> had guys give me their last dime to pay for lessons. I've had guys fly in
> from another continemnt with no sleep, and drive right from the airport to
> lessons. I've had guys with warrants out on them pay me FIRST, before they
> go to jail (I don't condone that, but hey...). Point is, if you want
> something bad enough, you do what it takes to make it happen, and I'll
> make
> sure it does happen.
> It's figuring out who's who at the beginning stage, that is the hard part.
> Just wanted to give some advice to any AGBer's thinking about taking
> lessons.
> That's all.
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> "Brian Running" <brunning@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
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>> > Rant over.
>> Hi, John. Just for the heck of it, I ran your situation past my
>> neighbor, Mr. Super-Painfully-Obvious Man. Well, doggeeeees! I slapped
>> my forehead, dad-gum! He said, "Make them pay in advance for blocks of
>> five lessons at a time, when they shcedule them"!
>> He also said that it has nothing to do with George Bush or the economy.
>> He says it's your poor business skills. I would be a little more
>> tactful than that, but by God, he don't miss a thing!