Re: SWR combo amps

joemamma wrote:
> Thanks for the reply. Presently this would be used in the same situation,
> jazz quartet. Don't know if the future holds more noise!

Good price, incl. free shipping (seems to qualify).

Following others, I suggest you need to audition as many amps as you
can before you buy. The price won't matter if you don't like the sound
you're getting on the gig. The SWR stuff is fine with me, but some
really, really don't like the WM sound.

I played through an Ashdown Mag 300 1-15 combo recently. Store price,
$399+ tax. 300 watts (no "ohms" given in specs), with ext. cab it might
play as loud as you ever want. Sounded good enough to do some money
math on the way home <g>. Not much more than that mail order SWR. (It's
not a bad thing to be a customer in your friendly local music store,

Personal fave in combos is the Ampeg B50R. Real portable, love the
sound and the look, too (yeah, it makes a difference!). Small enough to
use as a woodshed amp, has a headphone jack, too.

That Fender Bassman 250, single 15, was impressive, at least in the
store. A wow! impression for that one, if on a very limited test drive.