Re: Power Amp / Pre Amp

Hooo boy... Lemme just pull up a chair and get comfy for this one...

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"Bazooka-Joe" <bazooka-joe@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> cc wrote:
> > I know we have been through this ad nauseam, but just one more time for
> > the old guy in Texas.
> > I want to retire my G.K. 1001RB to backup status.
> > If you were buying a pre amp/power amp setup today, and you wanted at
> > least 1400 watts at 4 ohms, and you wanted the whole thing as light
> > weight as possible (old guy, remember) , what would it be?
> > So far I have looked at:
> > Crown XLS402B
> > QSC RMX Series
> > and Behringer 2500
> > any other suggestions?
> > What about pre amps?
> > Thanks Folks!
> > Cc
> I tend to do a lot research and do a lot of self-testing before I get
> too excited about Behringer stuff. Not to say they don't make good
> gear...just that they can and have put out sub-par stuff IMHO.
> I'd add the Carvin DCM line and Peaveys to that list. Peavey stuff may
> be "iffy" in some markets but I think I'd trust their power amps.
> :Bazooka-Joe