Re: Shipping Basses

Clive <fourstring@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> We move thousands a year, set up
> and tuned to pitch which is how they
> arrive having travelled halfway round
> the world.

My five string Wal bass came all the way from England, tuned to pitch,
and arrived still in tune - although there was a strange delay at
customs, I suspect the customs inspector was a bass player...

The one time I had a bass suffer badly on a flight (the truss rod nut
shook loose, which meant the neck slowly bent alarmingly until I
retightened the nut) I had slacked the strings off.

Now I generally don't slacken the strings - or if I do it would only be
a half step.

> Damaged by fork-lift drivers...too many!!

That Wal I mentioned, it took a long time to arrive - I knew it had been
finished, but I waited and waited - it seems it got to the warehouse,
was totally destroyed by a fork-lift driver, and had to be rebuilt from
scratch. As the waiting list for Wal basses at the time was nearly 18
months and the bass was made from special wood I'd sent to england this
was exactly the worst thing that could happen - fortunately I had sent
enough wood for two basses...

--- Derek

Derek Tearne - derek@xxxxxxxxx
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