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>> In a conversation the other day with some band mates about shipping
>> (or those little 6 string instruments self indulged people tend to
>> prefer), we had something of a difference of opinion as to whether or not
>> it is a good idea to relieve some of the tension on the neck (via
>> loosening the strings) before shipping.
>> So for those of you that may have worked in music stores, or have
>> instruments directly from manufactures, what is the general consensus on
>> this among manufactures when shipping? Do they typically send them out
>> tuned to pitch, or with the strings loosened?
>> For that matter, what about you guys that fly with your basses on a
>> regular basis?
>We move thousands a year, set up
>and tuned to pitch which is how they
>arrive having travelled halfway round
>the world.
>Damaged in

Once I took a bass to UPS to ship it. and they made me unbox the damn thing
and detune it.
I think they just wanted to look into my box cause I have long hair.

>Damaged by fork-lift drivers...too many!!

Hey if they'll punch a hole in a jetliner and not tell anyone..

*which actually happened. causing a section of the roof of the airliner to
rip off in mid flight, leaving passengers strapped in and traveling hundreds
of miles per hour in open wind. amazingly the pilot got her down and all
were safe, save the one flight attendant who was whisked into the ether at
thousands of feet*

.... they have no problem running over a few guitars.

>Theoretically you risk problems by shipping
>with instrument out of tension but any risk
>is very small and really not worth worrying about.

problems with instrument shipped out of tension....

So I'm full of beans again on that one.
Ok fine. be that way.
>From now on I ship with tension.

I'll even have extra coffee.


>Clive Norris
>Selectron (UK) Ltd