Re: FYI - Windows users be afraid. Be very afraid.

> Right now, there is an unpatched vulnerability in nearly every version
> of Windows that is going to make 2006 start of very very badly for
> folks.

> Here's what (little) you can do to protect yourself. The unofficial
> patch that's out there has been reviewed by some mighty trusty
> organizations and given how easily you can get owned by this
> vulnerability, they're recommending it. Read more:


oh, and you totally know what happened. some dumbass microsoft
nutter says to another "hey, this could come in handy some day,
let's program this in there and let it just sit around, cuz maybe
someday it could be a really cool feature! oh yeah, and let's forget
to program a way to turn it off! hackers? what are those?"

god i hate microsoft, and here i am using a frickin' PC.

ask yourself this - why don't mac users get viruses? *shakes head*