OT: How to Confuse a Conservative Republican

Here are a couple of good ones, sure to confuse your local
conservative republican (LV?).


A baby bull is playing in the pasture. Suddenly, the farmer makes a
loud noise which startles the baby bull. Will it run to the mommy
bull or the daddy bull?

Silly republican, there are no such things as mommy bulls!


OK, so only LV fell for that one. Here's one for the smarter
conservative republicans in the group (if any).


Three salesmen are traveling together & stop at a hotel for the
night. The sign said "Rooms $10 per night." The hotel had only one
room available, so the 3 salesmen--being good friends, decided to
share the one room. Each man paid their $10--for a total of $30 and
headed off to find their room.

The hotel manager began to think....and finally decided that--since
the men were sharing a single room, $10 per person was too much
money. So, he called the bell hop and asked him to please take $5 and
give it back to the 3 salesmen. The bell hop starts thinking...."how
do I divide $5 between 3 people?"

So, he sticks $2 in his pocket and decides he'll give each man 1

This means each man actually paid $9 each for the room.

So, 3 times $9 equals $27....plus the $2 in the bell hop's pocket,
equals $29.

Where's the other dollar????


If you really can't figure it out, ask the nearest person who is NOT a
conservative republican to explain it to you sometime. If they won't
help you out, try asking a 5th grader.