Re: Seeking identification of "Spender"

On Wed, 25 Jan 2012 08:31:05 -0700, Lord Valve
<detritus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Jim wrote:

The poster known has "Spender" has posted a defamatory statement about
me. I am seeking any information regarding his actual identity.

Please forward to ID.SPENDER@xxxxxxxx

Thank you!

Aww, poor baby...
Tony the pimp, who
wanted to come kick my ass (and thought better of it when
he figured out he probably wouldn't survive the attempt)

What valve saw:
The threat from the diabolical enemy was easily thwarted by
world renowned Lord Valve, brilliant math wiz, electronics genius,
musical prodigy, poet, political mastermind, and secret law
enforcement consultant. With one wave, the evil foe ran in
fear from his mighty courageous presence!

What everyone else saw:
Obnoxious befuddled poser Valve tried to sound badass again by calling
out someone who could clearly kick his ass without breaking a sweat.
When his challenge was accepted, he fearfully retracted his boistrous
invitation to battle, realizing that he would be pulverized. He dove
under his bed, shouting feeble flustered excuses over his shoulder,
but alas, they were drowned out by the sounds of universal laughter.
A year later, thinking everyone must have forgotten what really
happened, the cowardly twit tried to claim glorious victory.

Nice try though!