Re: Interesting commentary on the UK riots

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Miss your morning coffee?

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Yikes! I thought the permissiveness rant died with Spiro Agnew, another asswipe who hadn't the faintest clue what he was talking about.

Naturally I expect Lard Vulva to respond with an ideological rant with no basis in fact, but generally you do better. Can you rationally dispute anything in Hastings' editorial? Dismissing Hastings as not knowing what he's talking about is a risky proposition given the man's record, he's about as widely travelled and experienced a journalist as you're likely to find, and his history books have won a series of awards. He's also supported both the Conservative and Labor parties in Britain so it's not like you can claim he's a one-track ideologue. Can you offer any credible documentation for your claim that Hastings is an asswipe on the scale of Agnew, or is your disapproval all that is required to establish that?

I don't know if you follow the news from the UK much, but some really astonishing stuff happens there, like people whose homes are invaded by burglars fight back and injure the burglars and as a result end up in jail while the burglars go free--it's as if common sense no longer applies in British law. In one notorious case a home owner and successful businessman who used a cricket bat to whomp the leader of an armed home invasion gang got a multi-year prison sentence while the knife-wielding burglar with 54 previous convictions got probation!

Squatters occupy homes when the owners are out shopping and the police will often refuse to act, it takes the owners months to force out the squatters and their homes are trashed when they finally get them back. There is even an NGO which aids squatters in finding unoccupied properties they can seize with less risk of getting into trouble, they even teach squatters how to change the locks to keep out the lawful owners and a British court ruled that so doing does not constitute damage--Time ran a story on this earlier this year. So it seems as if Hastings has a lot of backup for his claim that there is now a large underclass of permanently unemployable youth in Britain who can and do take enormous liberties. Of course if you can refute his claim with something like the proverbial facts and figures rather than just dismissing him as an asswipe I'm sure you'll do so, right?

None of the above has anything to do with what caused the riots. None of what Hastings said has anything to do with what caused the riots. Why? BECAUSE WE DON'T KNOW WHAT CAUSES THESE SORTS OF SOCIAL BREAKDOWNS, amateur psychologists notwithstanding.

So OK, Britain is excessively permissive, and people rioted.

Several Middle Eastern countries are excessively repressive, and people rioted.

See a connection?

Me neither.