Re: Did this newsgroup become while I wasn't looking?

In article <ilg1m2$dft$2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
The Repair Guy <repairguy1993@xxxxxxxxx> flirted:

claudel@xxxxxxxxx (Claude V. Lucas) wrote:

It cracks me up to see the lamers like Pee Wee
still spewing the same tired shit decades later.
I guess doing the same thing over and over
again and expecting different results must be
one of the signs of hyperintelligence in action.

I'm guessing it doesn't crack you up to see lamers
like Willie still spewing the same tired shit.

Wow. With your depth of insight it's not a stretch
to see that you are every bit the "scientist" that
you claim to be.

Not gonna own your hypocrisy, eh, Claudelle?
There's a surprise...



Repair Gurl is trotting out the heavy artillery.


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