Re: Birther Movie...Is This The Proof?

On Sun, 06 Feb 2011 20:25:31 -0800, Tony Elka
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"..everyone here is wearing a uniform, and don't kid yerself..."

I don't truly understand what you mean by that. Explain further?

In Berlin, Frank Zappa when Flo & Eddie were playing, then
before the show, some local protesters demanded the band
take their side to burn down a building. FZ said, um, no,
and the protesters said the would disrupt the show that night.

FZ added some words to music he wrote years before, and
included the instrumental version on 'Burnt Weenie Sandwich'.

Anyway, during the show, saved on the BWS CD, is the police
trying to stop the yelling 'protesters', and FZ says that line.

The protester didn't stop, and FZ told him he would his throat, stop..

Funny as hell, and a damn good CD. A must to own..

I take it as meaning the protesters had a uniform on
as 'bad' as the police they were going after.....

Who knows....


Back up for sale:

It doesn't get much FZ rare then this..