Re: Egnator 20 Rebel Schematic

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Forgot to add that I was trying to prevent buying the
it being economy minded or cheapskate?

Hold a bit here. You can buy it..? How much did they want?

$3...$5..?? + S/H....?

You want it for free. What is 'free' worth to you ?

While I have always felt, and found in 98% of the MI world,
if you can supply a serial # of a amp, and need a schematic,
would just send ya one. At worse, charge ya a cheap fee.

So unless they want $100B in un marked bills, delivered by
a brown shoed square, in the dead of night, send them the
chump change. I spent more then that in phone calls then
to get data. UK calls in the 70's were *NOT* cheap, but
that was all ya had. Min wage earnings you spent here
requesting this schematic is far less then the fee.

Eh, seems like the kind of thing a company should provide to owners, for
free. But these days, it seems nothing is free anymore.

Yes, in today's world, but back in the 'oldfartdays'(.com),
it was nothing to have some person hand fold a few sheets of
paper, lick the seal, and throw a stamp on it. PV has about the
best I ever saw. They have a building of paper from about any
product the ever made. And they didn't charge to get a copy,
just provide the ser#. I think without one, the fee was $3..

If they don't want to pop for the money needed to print & mail the
things, how about a free download? That wouldn't cost them much of
anything (once it's in the computer).

Today, true. When I was at PV, that was not a option. There was
a start to scan everything, but then only in pic files, with no
high ###s storage. Today, how much can you burn onto a B/Ray.

I'd guess today they just scan what they can when the need arises, and
then store that scan. I doubt if they charge to get a file.

It's just that $8 or so to get what ya need is not a big deal..


"..he lies to me about my gun
....being loaded, or not.."
I don't need a paper copy...just something to look at and if someone
has one digitized, it is a simple matter to email it to me via the
email addy on my posts. But yes, in the even that no one on AGA has
one, I will likely order one and pay the $$. I don't know why you are
getting involved if you don't have it! Just don't reply like the other
200 people...IF I write some horshit about someone or something, I get
several replies but if I request something electronic I get 3
replies...two being about - "You're an Asshat because..." Go back to
Joe's Crab Shack and party down dude...