Re: OT: Who wants health care reform law repealed?

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On 1/21/2011 10:05 AM, The Repair Guy wrote:

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"Only two county types - the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints-adherent heavy
Mormon Outposts and the socially conservative
Evangelical Epicenters - are close to or above
50 percent in the number of people who say
they want the law repealed.
In the other 10 county types with a wide range
of demographic and voter makeups, solid
majorities say they would like to see the health
care law expanded or left alone."

The Repair Guy

I heard a great discussion about "who" wants to repeal the new health
reform law, too. (Last week, on NPR's All Things Considered)

Most people who are actually educated on the whole thing agree---it's
the big healthcare insurance companies, who are driving the opposition
to the new law.


Because the reforms will cost them a TON of money, that's why!!! In
fact, the companies are the ones leading the charge--and are desperately
lobbying the republicans to "save" them from lower profit margins.

The average person--those who really need health care, just don't matter
to either the industry or the republicans, who are working hard to save
the profits.


It's funny that most of the
principled opposition to
the law centers around the
purchase mandate -- an old
Republican idea that the
very insurance companies
pushing opposition actually
love, because it will bring
them tens of millions of
new customers.

Once again, the American
right can't stay out of its
own way -- the corporations
use the Teapotters but
cannot really control them.
If/When we see alternatives
coming out of the now GOP-
controlled House committees
it's a safe bet that
purchase mandate will
survive intact or even
strengthened because of
insurance industry money --
and the Teapotters will be
left to scratch their
scalps bloody wondering WTF
happened. :-)