Re: What am I missing here?

On 1/4/2011 10:23 AM, Robin Banks, Esq. wrote:
Lord Valve<kill@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> tapped the miic and said

"Robin Banks, Esq." wrote:

The commie mumbnuts here just took the Shitkicking Of The Century,
and they are still strutting their stuff as if they have any
credibility or respect left. Did I miss the memo? :o)

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It hasn't sunk in yet.

Truth be told, what you're looking at is the final distillation
of AGA commie scumwads, filtered through nearly 20
years of leftist whackoid bullshit. They're what's left,
the scum that's still on the hull after you scrape the
barnacles off, the slime that persists after the bilge
has been drained.

And they're utterly convinced that they are the
very best America has to offer. Liars, pimps,
posers, no-blowers, losers to a man...and damn
proud of it.


Well, I guess I can take down the Christmas decorations now. Seems that
they were lost on this crowd anyways. Too bad we are all living with the
multi-Trillion dollar mess they created, then just moved on like nothing
happened, still spewing crap for another kick at their exposed climate
fraud / Bushdidit cat.

At least we can chuckle at them now for the bunch of lunatics they were
and still are, and how they showed their entire hand during this epic
failed socialist coup of the Free World. However, with no consequence of
their seditious actions, they are just gonna keep running that play until
they get it right, sometime within the next several decades it will take
for people to forget again what kind of idiots they are.

What the hell drugs are you on? And, can I get some, too? Whatever it is, it's better than the best rose colored glasses I've ever seen!

Something tells me you've been watching WAY too much Faux News're clearly--and significantly--misinformed.

Both of you idiots.....



P.S. GWB's gang created the bulk of the multi-trillion dollar "mess" you refer to....not Obama. Of course, you wouldn't know that, as you believe everything Faux News says---right? Right? Right???? Case closed.