Re: GOP Wins "Lie of the Year" Title

Les Cargill <lcargill99@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

T-Man wrote:
On 2010-12-29 21:26:25 -0500, Bruce Morgen <editor@xxxxxxxx> said:

Nobody's demanding that the
professional who actually
provides the service go
unpaid, so your entire
quasi-argument is moot --
and sophistry to boot.

No it is not. Perhaps I should make it clear to your view THOUGH I
suspect perhaps a doctor may indeed be liable for NOT treating by his
own choice in some States money not being a factor. (not saying I know
the law on this).

Sorry, putting on a different level. *You* do not have the "right" to
demand ME to pay for any technical skill or expertise of any person to
benefit another person as an individual. This is only possible by folly
in law. The best argument to funnel money from the public is a survival
problem projected to a group where the group needs to foster force as in

Healthcare is one of the really good examples of where rights-based
thinking breaks down.

No, health care as a right
just gives wibbertarian
dreamers pounding headaches
because it interacts
uncomfortably with the
pseudo-intellectual koolaid
they've been swigging since
discovering Ayn Rand books
circa puberty. Health care
is a de facto right
throughout the industrialized
world with the exception of
the U.S. -- and without
exception those countries get
more for their money than
Americans do.