Re: "Baker Street" cover

On Tue, 21 Dec 2010 14:42:54 -0500, It's that Guy again...
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On Tue, 21 Dec 2010 10:32:30 -0700, Lord Valve
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RS menstruated:

What are the reference numbers of the patents you keep talking about?
Just curious.

If you can't do a P/Search, that isn't my problem.

Ah, you're modest to a fault, aren't you. It's got to be something
cool, requiring astronomical IQ. Let me guess...Calcitonin mimetics?
Recombinant DNA transfer vectors? hydrophobically modified cellulosic

Besides, who are you to be proven to?

Well, I dunno Tj. Who are any of us that you spend so much time trying
to prove yourself here?

Only proof I care about is the checks that arrive every 4 months.

You first, rat-shit.

It's always the losers who demand proof..

Lorfd Valve is a loser? This is a revelation for you!

You talk a good game, but you ain't showed *jack shit*
for proof.

See JJTj's comment right above. Loser.

And I for one don't care to
prove anything to him. Last check bought me a gold top LP from
the 80's

Bullshit! You did nothing of the sort.