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Given that Galileo was vastly more intelligent than the religious people
he managed to piss off, I am certain that he at least would agree.

But they had the authority to torture him. And plenty of big strong
dummies in uniforms to hold him down too.

And you know what was one of the Inquisitions favorite techniques?
Today we call it water boarding.


Atheist propaganda, as usual.

Propaganda? The Catholic church most definitely did torture and kill
dissenters whose science was at odds with their own interpretation of
the bible. See Giordano Bruno. (Unless you don't think being burned at
the stake is all that bad)

Bruno was the first to offer a truly expansive view of the universe,
transcending Copernicus' theories in that he considered the sun to be
just another star, and outlined a model of the cosmos much like our
present one. The church obviously takes a dim view of scientists who
threaten biblical mention of "God stopped the sun."

And Galileo was indeed threatened with torture, but spared due to his
connections and offered a chance to recant, which he did.
Unfortunately he was still effectively imprisoned for the rest of his

Galileo was NOT tortured. In fact, the
worst thing the Church ever did to him
was place him under house arrest - at
a time when he was too ill to travel.


Your point is what? That one of the foremost scientists in history
being threatened with torture and then spending the rest of his life
effectively imprisoned was OK? And that's only because he recanted. It
was made very clear to him that he would suffer the same fate as his
predecessors if he didn't denounce his belief in the Copernican model.

(The original post in this thread was humorously retarded though)