Re: Romeo Rose's response to Lord Valve's threats

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However, sitting around in a digital barroom talking about how you'd kick
someone's ass and/or shoot him if he was foolish enough to cross you is,
well, kind of high-school if you know what I mean.

Think what you want. If some jackwagon continued to
phone harass me at my home or business, I'm going to
cure the problem.

After which you'd have another problem--keeping out of jail. Picture yourself telling a judge that you beat the stuffing out of someone on a public street because he left some rude messages on your answering machine. Even if the judge decides the guy provoked you, he's still going to convict you of assault.

Do you know any lawyers? Just for laughs, take one out for lunch and ask him the likely outcome of that scenario (after first making sure he isn't going to bill you for the answer).

BTW, in Texas just threatening someone with imminent bodily harm is a form of assault with a $500 fine. Even simple misdemeanor assault in Texas can get you a year in jail and a $4,000 fine, and if you do serious injury and bump it up to aggravated felony assault you can do from 2 to 20 years with a $10,000 fine. And if you sought out the other person you lose the defense that you acted in fear for your own safety.

Yeah, if somebody kicks down your door it's a different story. But stomping someone on the street because he harassed you on the phone would end up being worse for you than for him. Okay, if it's Romeo that might get the judge's sympathy, who hasn't thought of giving a tune-up to a telemarketer, but still.