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You can put all the words in my mouth you want. It's a free country. I have
the right to my opinion of what the federal government's role could be. You
are obviously scared or you wouldn't resort to name calling.

It's always an odd moment in a conversation when one person feels the
need to assert that they have the right to their opinion. That goes
without saying, obviously both participants in the debate have that

But when you feel cornered and are unable to respond to an argument, you
say you're entitled to your opinion, rather than make a reasoned
rational response to support why you have that opinion.

It's not just you, I see this in plenty of other people. Married to
your world-view and nothing can dislodge it, not even losing an argument.

You can break this cycle. You really can. We can't do it for you, but
we'd love to welcome you into the rational world of reasoned discourse
one day.