Re: G.W. Bush's boyfriend King Abdullah in US for treatment (andmybe a little lovin')

The Repair Guy's fartcatcher <detritus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The Repair Guy wrote:

It's that Guy again... <paidtodothis@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

IF you are so tough, go up to him and try to beat him
like you beat your wife.. what is stopping you..I mean,
besides fear, or the fact you can't make $$ of it.
Maybe you just beat on women.

Tony offered to fight Large Valve in a ring.
LV declined. End of story.

Yet the sidewalk still remains available...
....and empty. I wonder why?

You came on all tough-guy until you had a chance
to prove it. Then you threatened legal action.
Is your memory really this bad?

The Repair Guy