Re: Calif to vote on legalizing pot for everyone in Nov.

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Although modesty prevents listing every testimonial I've gotten, I've
been convinced to display a few of them.
Anyone who knows me knows I really hate talking about myself, so I'll
let some of my customers do it...
"Wow. Who IS this guy? Great advice, great prices, real old-world
craftmanship -- I'm taking all of my guitars to The Repair Guy!"
(Benson Butman, 13, Zwingle, IA)

"Who says you can't get something for nothing anymore? The Repair Guy
actually GAVE me a set of strings after he accidentally drilled
through the back of my '62 SG! He even showed me how to hide the
(Andy Twill, 16, Osmond, UT)

"My dad says The Repair Guy is an idiot, but parents just don't
understand. Lots of times I'll spend whole days in his shop, and he
lets me sand on stuff, cut stuff on the table saw, answer the phone...
stuff my dad would never let me do. He's like a big brother. He gave
me my first cup of coffee."
(name withheld, 9, Warren, IL)

"I first met The Repair Guy in 1985. My Ovation Celebrity's neck was
twisted, almost unplayable, and someone said I should take it to The
Repair Guy. Well, he fought with that thing for three months -
grinding, filing, refretting, heat-pressing, refinishing, replacing
the fingerboard, refretting again, refinishing again. When I picked it
up, it was noticeably better. And he only charged me three hundred
dollars! I don't know how he stays in business."
(Emil Athemunl, 27, Aspen, CO)

"My wife and I were at a turning point in our marriage. Not many
people know that The Repair Guy also does personal counseling. Anyway,
we both went to his shop for one of his 'Don't Hold Back' sessions.
There was only one other couple there. Let me tell you, by the end of
the six hours we were screaming at each other...
To make a long story short, my wife left me and I ended up marrying
the other woman who was there that night. The Repair Guy helped me
adjust to my ex-father-in-law firing me, the special problems an
interracial couple can experience, and he recommended several good
books on caring for blind amputees. I can't say enough about him."
(Roger Olthenhausen, 67, Winona, MN)

"I was working on my doctoral thesis and I'd hit a brick wall. None of
my local libraries had anything even remotely related to my subject
("Sports: The Last Vestige of Our Primate Ancestors"), and I had a
deadline to meet. My roommate, a philosophy major, suggested I talk to
The Repair Guy. And sure enough, it turns out he had shelves upon
shelves of magazine articles, reference books, and his own extensive
writing on the subject. He made me rethink my entire approach, and
between us we finished my thesis in a few hours. This man is a
national treasure."
(Norman Welter, 26, Madison, WI)

What was the point of copy/pasting my "testimonials"
page, Horse Grease?

It demonstrates that,
although he clearly cannot
express a coherent thought
of his own, he has mastered
the copy & paste function
of his computer.
Like most of the non amp libbies on this group