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You're right, Muslims don't try and convert anyone. You're just a
worthless infidel in their eyes and they'd rather cleanse you from the

I give you my solemn word. If a Muslim shows up here that's even 1/3 as
obnoxious as you and some of your pals, I'll give him the exact same

But for some reason, that hasn't happened yet. I wonder why? Surely
some of them own computers.

You're not doing "your side" much good, you're just an embarrassment,


You think by mocking God you somehow "hurt" me?

That would require my caring how you felt about anything. And I don't
mock "god", or those that gain comfort from their faith. It's the
jerk-offs that bother me with their religion that get what they have

Losers like you, who bring it up.

That's something you will have to answer to personally someday.

You will die forever.